Astro Panel (Astronomy) – Highly detailed astronomy weather forecast. Never miss a clear sky again!

Astro Panel (Astronomy)

Highly detailed astronomy weather forecast. Never miss a clear sky again!

Astro Panel (Astronomy) screenshot 0Astro Panel (Astronomy) screenshot 1Astro Panel (Astronomy) screenshot 2

Astronomy weather forecast. Forecast data is from 7Timer and includes:

– Cloud cover
– Seeing
– Transparency
– Humidity
– Wind
– Temperature
– Lunar Phase
– Lunar Altitude
– ISS Passes (automatically localised)
– Support for GPS-only devices
– Support for devices with no location services (manual long/lat entry)
– NEW overview graphic

Astro Panel is entirely free. If you would like to support me as a developer, please download my game, Finger Shepherd! (

This lightweight astronomy app detects your location and uses it to instantly give you a forecast that is highly localized and works worldwide.

***Uses 7Timer’s Astro Panel to achieve this (see The forecast grid and key are loaded directly from this website***

Please note I am not affiliated with 7Timer in any way.

Please contact me with any bugs/feedback!

About 7Timer
7Timer!, pronounced as “Tri-Timer”, means “bell of clear sky” in Chinese. It is a series of meteorological forecast products. Most of the products base on a numeric weather model from NOAA/NCEP, called GFS, and aim on short-term (up to 16 days) weather forecast service for special purpose, for example, astronomical activities, or meteorological condition assessment. 7Timer! was first introduced in mid 2005 and has been revised for better fitting of public service operation in mid 2008. It’s first designed as a weather forecast tool for astronomical purpose, as the author himself is a long-term astronomer and is always annoyed by fluky weather conditions.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:



LG G Flex Widget For Zooper


LG G Flex Widget For Zooper screenshot 0LG G Flex Widget For Zooper screenshot 1LG G Flex Widget For Zooper screenshot 2LG G Flex Widget For Zooper screenshot 3
This is a skin for Zooper Widget Pro, it is a complete remake from scratch of the widget that is featured on the new LG G Flex device, from the leaked screenshots of. It is completely made from scratch as a Zooper Widget Pro skin.
It is fully a fully dynamic widget so it is advised to disable the On Tap Action and set it to locked.
It displays a specific message depending on the current weather conditions.

Feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns.

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Weather World – Weather World

Weather World

Weather World

Weather World screenshot 0Weather World screenshot 1Weather World screenshot 2Weather World screenshot 3Weather World screenshot 4Weather World screenshot 5Weather World screenshot 6Weather World screenshot 7

Are you a person who plans about daily routines?
So here is the “weather world” Android application which will provide you daily weather forecasting for best planning.
It is highest quality weather forecasts and reports which supports all locations worldwide.
It is first voice interactive weather app. It provides Ask me Feature.
Askme Feature’s Video Link:

Creative and Attractive relevant GUI with continues fragments filling.

-weather world supports forecasting information for all the locations across the world.
-2×1 and 4×1 Widgets with multilingual support.
-We can search location by entering location name or zipcode.
-Provide information like humidity, visibility, pressure and speed.
-Also provide information which describes latitude and longitude of any location.
-Sunrise and sunset timings.
-Provide high and low temperature information in ferenheit and celcius.
-Also provides beautiful background screens for different weather conditions like sunny, cloudy, snow fall, foggy, etc.
– 2.1+ users now can take advantage to set beautiful weather background images from app to their mobile screen. (From app-> press pink W icon left bottom into app)
– We know the value of your wallpaper. So, introduce Transparent Plain Text widgets
– User can Add and directly jump to Locations using Menu.
– Powerful searching up to remote locations.

Selected City name in top of the screen.
It shows the temperature in degree in protractor.
Temperature in digit in bottom of the screen
High and Low temperature

Wind Speed:
Wind mill rotate according to wind speed.
Wind speed in digit mph in bottom of the screen.

Sun Rise:
Sun rise effect for the sun rise
Sun rise time of selected city with meridiem timing

Sun set effect for the sun set
Sun set time of selected city with meridiem timing

day forecast:
It shows the Next 5 day forecast
It shows the day and date in left side
It shows the weather condition with relevant icon in the middle
It shows the high and low temperature in Fahrenheit in right side
Scroll view in the smaller screen

It shows the compass view with the planet
Put the mobile straight it will shows the north, east, south and west directions
Degree from the North of 360 direction in the middle of the screen.

It shows the selected city name, temperature.
It shows the humidity, longitude and latitude.

It shows the Map of selected city with surrounding region
It has the three buttons which shows Normal, Terrain and Satellite view

Background image will change according to the weather condition.
By pressing of pink icon you can set the background as you wallpaper.

By pressing the Mouth icon it will speak the weather condition with temperature.

Enter the city name or zipcode of city which you want to find
Press the search button.
Select the city from the list which you desire

Add Location:
You can add your favorite locations
You can jump directly from button to your listed locations.

Remove Location:
You can remove locations from the list
You can jump directly from button to your listed locations.

Ask Me:
1. Ask me feature to interactive weather conversion
2. Ask with the keyword “Hi google”
3. Ask “hi google what’s the weather”
4. Ask “hi google what’s the temperature”
5. Ask “hi google what’s the humidity”
6. Ask “hi google what’s the visibility”
7. Ask “hi google what’s the pressure”
8. Ask “hi google what’s the time of sunrise”
9. Ask “hi google what’s the time of sunset”
10. It will response the answer to your selected location
11. Note: Pronunciation is important when you ask
12. Note: currently it supports English language

User can share screen of selected city
User can share to multi platform like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc

Download “weather world”.
Also you can give suggestions to your outsider friends .

Give your ratings and comment.

See more information and download apk file:

WTXL Weather – WTXL ABC 27 HD, is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android.

WTXL Weather

WTXL ABC 27 HD, is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android.

WTXL Weather screenshot 0WTXL Weather screenshot 1WTXL Weather screenshot 2WTXL Weather screenshot 3WTXL Weather screenshot 4

WTXL ABC 27 HD, is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android, called WTXL Wx Now, providing users with an interactive radar map, current conditions, 10 day forecast and weather video from ABC 27 HD, Dedicated To You.


• Highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance
• Vertical and horizontal map display with looping
• NOWrad, the gold standard for radar in the weather industry
• Highest resolution satellite cloud imagery available
• Exclusive patent pending Road Weather Index
• Color coded weather alerts arranged by severity
• Fully integrated GPS for current location awareness
• Integrated compass overlay
• Most accurate 10 day forecasts with both daily and hourly detail
• Ability to easily save your favorite locations
• Full featured and user tested
• Weather Widget for unlock page
• Earthquake Plotting
• Storm Track Plotting
• Tropical Track Plotting
• Status bar alert acknowledgement
• Alerts over map on/off switch in settings
• Additional Small Widget
• Widget Configuration (Daily or Hourly view)
• Watch/Warning (Alert) boxes on map.
• Spanish language support; NOTE: Language used in the app will reflect the overall language being used for the device
• Ability to acknowledge Alerts from within the app
• Audio, LED, and vibrate for Alert Notifications
• Feature tips to help users more fully take advantage of app features
• Water temperature layer
• Location Aliasing (Change the name of a location to something meaningful, ex. “Grandma’s House”)

See detail information and download apk file:

Sunspot: simple weekly weather – Minimalistic weather app for outdoor activities with a colorful visual week

Sunspot: simple weekly weather

Minimalistic weather app for outdoor activities with a colorful visual week

Sunspot: simple weekly weather screenshot 0Sunspot: simple weekly weather screenshot 1Sunspot: simple weekly weather screenshot 2Sunspot: simple weekly weather screenshot 3Sunspot: simple weekly weather screenshot 4Sunspot: simple weekly weather screenshot 5Sunspot: simple weekly weather screenshot 6

Weather can be simple and quick when you want to have fun!


Spot sunny days with Sunspot – bring color into your weekly weather forecast and get a vivid colorful visuals for your upcoming week, where ever you are.

– Set your location once for a local weather forecast
– A sunny week for vacation will appear flush yellow.
– A chilly week worth staying at home will appear all blue.


Minimalism makes your phone happy!

Sunspot was built to be small in size and big in value.

– Very little RAM usage
– Tiny download size (3MB)
– Runs fast
– No background processes – little to no battery use
– No splash screens
– No ads

Download apk file:

Meteostation – A thermometer and a barometer for your phone.


A thermometer and a barometer for your phone.

Meteostation screenshot 0Meteostation screenshot 1Meteostation screenshot 2

The weather station shows the thermometer, barometer and humidity sensors using the phone.
Completely free and without ads.

Temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit)
Atm. pressure (hPa, Pa, mmHg)

* Only devices with a temperature sensor (eg Galaxy Note 3)

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

Vreme Bo – Weather forecast in pictures and words with radar image of rainfall.

Vreme Bo

Weather forecast in pictures and words with radar image of rainfall.

Vreme Bo screenshot 0Vreme Bo screenshot 1Vreme Bo screenshot 2Vreme Bo screenshot 3Vreme Bo screenshot 4Vreme Bo screenshot 5Vreme Bo screenshot 6Vreme Bo screenshot 7

Weather forecast something different.
Displays the current state of cloud and temperature in Slovenia. With the rapid sliding to the side to be exchanged even the weather forecast in the word, and the forecast for the next days in sliki.V the bottom of the table with the weather forecast for the next five days by region. If you turn your device sideways to impose a view animated radar images of rainfall. The program collects data from the Agency for the Environment is therefore necessary for its functioning data connection or a wireless network.
In version 2.0.0. added support for tables.
Version 2.4.0 is richer for the hour weather information. Your location is displayed and the temperature of the nearest meteorological station. By touching the frame data is updated. It also shows the image of the current radar image of rainfall, with a time stamp of the age of the data, click on the image opens the weather will be

Suggestions, criticism welcome.

Download apk file for android: