Meteo e Maree – Surfer? Verification wave height, wind direction, climate and more.

Meteo e Maree

Surfer? Verification wave height, wind direction, climate and more.

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Weather and Tides is an application to control the weather and the tides. Suitable for those who do sports like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing etc .. With this application you can check wave height, wind direction, climate and more.

Updates are real time, and you can monitor according to according to the wind direction, the crest of the waves, conditions on land and offshore. Also checks the stamps for the water sports.
You can also check the temperature of the following days.

Current temperatures

Wind direction and speed

Controls the situation at sea and on shore sports traction and not (surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing etc.). Also verify the situation on the ground.

The label that identifies if the situation allows the sport to beginners, experts and veterans.

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Infoclimat – live weather – Live reports, pictures, forecasts… weather in real-time !

Infoclimat - live weather

Live reports, pictures, forecasts… weather in real-time !

Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 0Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 1Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 2Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 3Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 4Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 5Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 6Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 7Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 8Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 9Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 10Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 11Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 12Infoclimat - live weather screenshot 13

Infoclimat is the official application of the french organization, pioneer in real-time weather in France since 1999. This app offers for free, without advertising, complete information about weather :
– check our high resolution map for official live weather data around the world (over 10,000 stations), and consult detailed information on tables and charts;
– consult our satellite images, precipitation radar & lightning around you;
– take part of our community by sending your pictures & information about weather phenomena, and consult other users’ reports.
– be alerted in case of weather warning near your position, in case of observed or planned severe weather (lightning, heavy rain, strong winds…) around you in the next hours, or when a station reach a treshold;
– all European information about weather, written by our enthusiasts : weather monitoring, forecasts, daily summaries…
– find panoramas around you to observe and photograph thunderstorms, with our Storm Chasing feature;
– check out forecasts, observation and alerts at a glance thanks to our complete homepage;
– do your own forecasts by using charts from global (GFS, GEFS), and regional high-resolution (WRF, AROME) models ! You can also view detailed forecasts up to 7 days, ensemble forecasts…

Infoclimat is a non-profit organization, composed of volunteers who’s been working for many years to promote access to weather data. This application is offered for free thanks to the support of our partners and members of the organization.
About permissions: geolocation is used only to provide you weather data around your position : that information will be used only for this purpose. You can disable this feature if you want.

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World Weather – Free Forecast – Most beautiful and simple free weather app with intuitive interface

World Weather - Free Forecast

Most beautiful and simple free weather app with intuitive interface

World Weather - Free Forecast screenshot 0World Weather - Free Forecast screenshot 1World Weather - Free Forecast screenshot 2World Weather - Free Forecast screenshot 3World Weather - Free Forecast screenshot 4World Weather - Free Forecast screenshot 5

World Weather is the most beautiful, simple and of course intuitive app that displays precise weather data for multiple locations around the world.

• Clean and Intuitive interface

• A vivid and meticulous representation of your current & future weather information.

• Instantly switch temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius

• Gesture driven interface including swipe, pinch, drag & drop and tap for seamless experience

• Gorgeous backgrounds to provide detailed and comprehensive weather forecast for not just the current day, but for the next five days to come

• Provides only the useful weather information you may need on a daily basis: Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Chill, Pressure and Visibility details

• Interactive and beautiful animations for different weather conditions such as rain, snow or fog

• Easily share live weather information with your friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, Email

If you have any questions, suggestions or encounter any problems with iWeather, please contact us. Please leave a review on Play Store if you like the app! We will appreciate it.

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Sol – The World's First Interplanetary Weather App


The World's First Interplanetary Weather App

Sol screenshot 0Sol screenshot 1Sol screenshot 2Sol screenshot 3

Sol is the award-winning app that incorporates information about the conditions and temperatures on Mars and on Earth through a sleek and visually appealing design. The app was honored for Best Use of Data in the 2013 NASA International Space Apps Challenge, garnering praise and recognition from the White House, as well as national media outlets.

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Skymet Disease Alert – Skymet Disease Alert app designed to detect late blight incidence- potato crop

Skymet Disease Alert

Skymet Disease Alert app designed to detect late blight incidence- potato crop

Skymet Disease Alert screenshot 0Skymet Disease Alert screenshot 1Skymet Disease Alert screenshot 2Skymet Disease Alert screenshot 3Skymet Disease Alert screenshot 4

7-Day ahead weather forecast at Taluka level
Embedded co-relation algorithm for Weather parameters and late blight incidence
Color coded disease severity index
Event planner
2-way communication between farmer and the advisor
Option to upload photographs and ask for expert advice

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