EWOB – Using EWOB You can report and observe the weather right Where You Are.


Using EWOB You can report and observe the weather right Where You Are.

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Using EWOB you can report the weather right Where You Are and see what people in your surroundings are reporting. You can upload and see pictures and read descriptions of the weather at different places in Europe. With EWOB reports of a variety of weather situations and weather phenomena: such as snow Severe, rain, floods or damaging winds and displays them on a map. The app Allows you to zoom into your region or lake areas as large as Europe. The map can be animated, so That You CAN Follow the evolution of the weather.

By monitoring the map, you can get an idea of ​​how the weather near you is behaving and be aware early When Severe Weather Approaches. By reporting, you are helping scientists who study weather and are giving valuable Severe information to weather forecasters and severe weather warning services. Scientists will use the data to find out how They Can Best Use data from meteorological satellites and radars to best predict severe weather. Weather observations by Human Beings are indispensable to develop relationships between what satellites and radars see and what kind of weather is Actually Happening on the ground.

Weather forecasters have to deal with the problem did Satellites can not see what happens under a storm cloud, radars do not scan close to the earth’s surface and did measurements from observation stations are far apart. EWOB helps them to be aware When a thunderstorm starts to produce wind damage, Or When Suddenly rain starts to freeze on the road: that is crucial information for issuing timely warnings weather.

See more information: https://goo.gl/uFG0M0


飞鱼天气通 – 飞鱼天气通采用权威数据,支持国内1000多个城市的天气预报和实时天气预警信息;还可查看300多个城市的空气质量指数。还支持天气/空气质量小部件(Widget)。



飞鱼天气通 screenshot 0飞鱼天气通 screenshot 1飞鱼天气通 screenshot 2飞鱼天气通 screenshot 3



See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/hLOmpt

Sun & Moon AR Locator – Augmented Reality App to locate or track the accurate position of Sun & Moon.

Sun & Moon AR Locator

Augmented Reality App to locate or track the accurate position of Sun & Moon.

Sun & Moon AR Locator screenshot 0Sun & Moon AR Locator screenshot 1Sun & Moon AR Locator screenshot 2Sun & Moon AR Locator screenshot 3Sun & Moon AR Locator screenshot 4Sun & Moon AR Locator screenshot 5Sun & Moon AR Locator screenshot 6Sun & Moon AR Locator screenshot 7

Sun & Moon AR Locator is app specifically designed to locate the positions of Sun & Moon on sky.
It is Augmented Reality(AR) app.You can track the positions from indoor and outdoor.
This app also provides the accurate Azimuth & Altitude/Elevation readings of sun/Moon.
It is best app recommended for tracking Moon in month of Ramadan or Eid.

Note: Based on your location and GPS readings there may be +5/-5 % error.

How to Use:

1.Open the app and choose sun/moon.

2.a) If green mark displaying Altitude is above 0 degrees, point your device upwards towards sky.

2.b) If green mark displaying Altitude is below 0 degrees, point your device downwards towards floor.

3.Move your device from left to right until direction arrows disappear.

4.Adjust the courser to match the green mark, until container appears.

5.Once the container has appeared and matched the right Azimuth and Altitude, it will display ‘Located!’ message on screen.

6. You have successfully located Sun/Moon on sky.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/k6a5Vt

Weather Wand – Weather Wand predicts rain at your location up to 3 hours in advance.

Weather Wand

Weather Wand predicts rain at your location up to 3 hours in advance.

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Weather Wand magically knows what time it will rain at your exact location, up to 3 hours in advance. Pick up the wand, cast a spell and see for yourself!

Your local forecast might say: “A 50% chance of rain today”
Weather Wand will say: “It will rain in 1 hour 30 minutes”

Even if the prediction is dry for your location, you can still see the 7-day forecast and current conditions, or use your “teleporting” ability to cast spells at a number of cities around the USA.

Weather Wand is powered by the RainAware system.

Weather Wand works in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

See more information: https://goo.gl/ISHhCv

Weather & Widgets by Pizero – Amazing graphics, accurate forecasting, and social fun: Zero Weather is here!

Weather & Widgets by Pizero

Amazing graphics, accurate forecasting, and social fun: Zero Weather is here!

Weather & Widgets by Pizero screenshot 0Weather & Widgets by Pizero screenshot 1Weather & Widgets by Pizero screenshot 2Weather & Widgets by Pizero screenshot 3Weather & Widgets by Pizero screenshot 4

Combining amazing graphics, accurate forecasting, and social functionality into our next-gen weather application, ZeroWeather is the result of almost a year of painstaking work and development.

∞ Simple – a beautiful, cutting-edge, easy to use design to help you easily navigate your weather experience.

∞ Powerful – Accurate weather data from World Weather Online, OpenWeather, and Forecast.io.

∞ Beautiful – immerse yourself in the weather experience with parallax weather backgrounds and see clouds, lens flare, and rain drops with a 3D effect as you move or tilt your device.

∞ Functional – hourly forecasts, 3-day forecasts (up to 7 for PRO users), and radars with real time cloud cover all over the world. ZeroWeather also includes 6 homescreen widgets, each supporting a selection of amazing themes.

And ZeroWeather is FUN too, as it includes two ways to share weather with friends:

∞ 1-tap share of weather conditions on Zeroweather Timeline,(Facebook and Twitter

∞ “InstaShare” feature allows you to take a picture, add weather on it, and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

++ ZeroWeather PRO, a first-class weather app.++

Available as in-app purchase, ZeroWeather PRO unlocks all the power of ZeroWeather on your device adding support for: unlimited cities, 7-day Forecast, 2 weather providers (OpenWeather + Forecast.io), plus no advertising and free support.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/7uUlf0

Palmary Weather – Weather forecast around the world.

Palmary Weather

Weather forecast around the world.

Palmary Weather screenshot 0Palmary Weather screenshot 1Palmary Weather screenshot 2Palmary Weather screenshot 3Palmary Weather screenshot 4Palmary Weather screenshot 5Palmary Weather screenshot 6Palmary Weather screenshot 7

Powerful weather application. Clear, simple interface and accurate forecasts. You will be fully prepared for any weather conditions!
Forecast data provided by Foreca Ltd.

80000 locations all over the world.
Current conditions, 24-hour (with an interval of 1 hour) and 10-day (with an interval of 3 hours) forecasts.
Forecast Charts: barometric pressure, temperature, probability of precipitation, precipitation, wind, humidity.

3 beautiful home screen widgets.
Possibility to configure widget without removing it.
Location slideshow on widget (OS 2.1 and later).
Automatically tracking current location using GPS.
Temperature at the status bar.
Flexible auto update preferences.
Option to not waking up device for weather update while it is asleep.
Application is ads supported.

Currently the app supports English and Russian languages.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/T3PhGg

wetterring – Daily weather reports, Webcams, forecasts and warnings from the Lake Constance region!


Daily weather reports, Webcams, forecasts and warnings from the Lake Constance region!

wetterring screenshot 0wetterring screenshot 1wetterring screenshot 2wetterring screenshot 3

The app from Weather Ring Vorarlberg provides live weather data, webcam images, forecasts and warnings, baths or piste reports for all weather interested parties from the Lake Constance region Vorarlberg, southern Germany, eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein!
You can now your favorite webcam (we have a pre-sorted selection of Full HD cameras hit) choose as a background image on the app home screen. This can be displayed in full screen with a single tap on the “magnifier” button.
Per GPS tracking you can leave directly See on your app home screen, the current temperature of the nearest weather station. Also you can manually make this selection.
Under Forecast you can now select one of 15 Vorarlberg regions including for the most accurate temperature and weather forecast. Precipitation Probability and the rising and setting time of the sun. In Relevance it shows you on the Schneefall- and fog line. From the region selected in the forecast the weather icon next to the temperature will appear on the home screen.

Watch A young team of weather experts and analyze several times a day the current weather situation and created personal forecasts for the region. It is also possible to register for free as a weather detectors and so to report the current weather conditions at the place of residence, work or vacation. Thus, no more exciting weather conditions should be missed. Under professional weather forecast several useful maps and weather models are listed and linked. In future there will also be access to diagrams of the weather stations and time-lapse movies. Similarly, we are working on a push notification from our warnings and specifically adapted to the location altitude weather forecasts. We appreciate your feedback!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/d0r2Pt