Météus – Météus: agricultural weather station and connected community.


Météus: agricultural weather station and connected community.

Météus screenshot 0Météus screenshot 1Météus screenshot 2Météus screenshot 3

Météus: agricultural weather station and connected community.
This application requires the equipment of an agricultural weather station Météus. Connect to http://www.meteus.fr site to learn more.
Autonomous, the resort is positioned as close to your plots (no vis-à-vis distance constraint ADSL box). It sends Internet data every 15 minutes. Its structure is in anodised aluminum, electronics and cables are concealed, which ensures complete resistance to wear (oxidation, insect, lightning …) and vandalism (no solar panel).
The Météus weather station allows you to have reliable and precise measurements anywhere, anytime, through the Smartphone or Tablet application. Temperature, humidity, wind, rain, accessed by a nod to the weather on your plots near real-time, historical (rain accumulated, accumulated temperature …) and you can trigger alerts. You have improved forecasting and predictive tools (stadiums, diseases, etc …).
Météus The application allows you to access weather data from stations all members of Météus network near you and throughout France. This gives you, without moving, real weather conditions of your plots 10, 20 or 30 km from home! So you easily compare the weather of your favorite stations and thus optimize the organization of your projects.

Application developed by the group and Isagri compatible weather stations Météus.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/mciD1Y


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