Temperature – The temperature app shows you the world's weather at a glance.


The temperature app shows you the world's weather at a glance.

Temperature screenshot 0Temperature screenshot 1Temperature screenshot 2Temperature screenshot 3Temperature screenshot 4Temperature screenshot 5Temperature screenshot 6Temperature screenshot 7Temperature screenshot 8Temperature screenshot 9Temperature screenshot 10Temperature screenshot 11Temperature screenshot 12Temperature screenshot 13Temperature screenshot 14Temperature screenshot 15Temperature screenshot 16Temperature screenshot 17Temperature screenshot 18Temperature screenshot 19Temperature screenshot 20Temperature screenshot 21Temperature screenshot 22Temperature screenshot 23

You want the world’s weather at a glance? The temperature app for Android offers even more.

Features (Weather):
– Quick display of the current temperature
– Maximum and minimum value
– Celsius and Fahrenheit
– Indication of the position
– Street, house number, zip code and city
– Current weather conditions
– Humidity
– Wind with wind compass
– Wind direction and wind speed (m / s, km / h, mph)
– Sunrise.
– Sunset.

Properties (Styling)
– Multiple backgrounds
– Custom backgrounds
– Unlimited storage option

Features (Weather Search)
– Speech input in the search.
– You will find almost every place with street and postal code.
– You can find well-known places such as the Eiffel Tower.
– Unlimited storage option
– Google Maps support
– Navigate to your destination with Google Navigation

Features (send, sharing)
– Send a screenshot
– Send a picture or Selfie
– Send a text message
– Your position is also transmitted
– The link to Google Maps is also sent

– Send a fake location
(Advantage for stressed relations)

Translation into 6 languages
– English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese.

If you have suggestions for improvement, please turn to: temperature@ldevelop.com

We are happy about every positive rating.

Many fun with the app !!!


Download apk file: https://goo.gl/xRuvOt


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