RegenRadar – See if rain comes.The Doppler radar from weather online. Free.


See if rain comes.The Doppler radar from weather online. Free.

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Now see if rain comes. The Doppler radar from weather online. Free.
Key facts at a glance:
• Current Rainfall radar for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
• rain forecast for the next 90 minutes
• Review of the rain areas in the final 90 minutes
• update the data every five minutes
• Radar movie 90 minutes before and back
• Automatic positioning
• Direct access via favorites Weather
• Easy and fast search
• Detailed map display

See if rain comes! The app detects where you are and marks your location. To see with one glance whether it will rain on you or if it remains dry.

Keep up with the rain radar app precipitation last 90 minutes and the forecast for the next 90 minutes. Whether the bike ride after work or short walk with the dog, plan with the rain radar app your leisure activities outdoors and see if you have to pack rainwear.

The weather forecast of weather Online can be reached directly through the app. Simply press the button “weather” in the Settings menu and you will come to our bet Rapp. Can not install this app on your device, so our mobile offering is called.

If you want to know the road quickly, how long it will remain dry or how long a rain shower will take, so the rain radar app is right for you. It is characterized by a simple and fast operation and extremely short charging times.

An even higher resolution and Europe clouds, snow and lightning information we have with the weather radar in the weather online app.

The App Rain Radar has a Widget. To use this, the app needs to be installed in the phone memory because of the requirements of the Android operating system.

The 2×2 widget can be freely scalable (from Android 4.2). You can also choose between two zoom levels. This widget allows you to see at a glance where it is raining, without the app open.

You want to use the Doppler radar ad-free? Then install our app rain radar Pro.

All information of the app, you can share directly in your social networks. The Share button can be found in the top right app.

The Privilege following offers the app:
– Location: Determination of the location for a local weather forecast
– Photos / Media / Files: saving screenshots and Weather Photos
– Wi-Fi connection information: recognizing the potential download speed
load data from our servers: Other –

The development of the app is done completely by Weather Online. Your questions and suggestions please send

Download apk file:


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