Arko – Arko provides accessible information about weather and flood hazards on the go.


Arko provides accessible information about weather and flood hazards on the go.

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The Philippines is hit by an average of twenty typhoons a year. Most of the time, these cause major flooding that can be a danger to one’s life and livelihood. Lives have been lost due to storm flooding because people didn’t know what path to take to safety or even if their area would be hit by a flood-causing downpour.

Arko hopes to address the need of every Filipino to more information during times of major rains and flooding. By accessing the extensive databases of Project NOAH and DOST, Arko can give the user up-to-the-minute updates on rainfall and other weather conditions near you or wherever you choose.


• Flood Mapping: Using data from previous floods (like Ondoy), Arko will show you which areas are prone to flooding so you can avoid them, or designate a safe zone where evacuees can go to during floods.
• Remote Monitoring: Arko can allow you to check on how flooding and/or rainfall is in other areas. Perfect for those who worry if a family member, loved one or friend is doing fine despite the weather.

• Weather Advisory: By connecting with Project NOAH, PAGASA and DOST’s various weather monitoring facilities, Arko can give you updates on the weather. It can even give you a good estimate on whether it will rain or not, based on the data it gets.
Dev Team

Arko was developed by the Mobile Team of Pointwest Technologies Corporation, in cooperation with Project NOAH and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the Republic of the Philippines.

Download apk file for android:


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