Weather Delta – Weather Changes — Learn How

Weather Delta

Weather Changes — Learn How

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There are some great weather apps out there. They are pretty accurate, tell you the weather for days and weeks, and give you a lot of different numbers.

Here’s the problem with that: what do numbers mean? Have you ever looked outside and said, “Oh, the barometer is going to be 29.3 in/HG today.” Even if you knew that number, how would you conceptualize it?

Weather Delta gives users a good idea of how weather changes. Okay, so the temperature is 60 degrees now. Over the course of the day though, the temperature will drop. It’s really easy to see changes and each metric has a summary of the data. This makes it much easier to plan your day because you can conceptualize the change based on current conditions instead of absolute conditions.

Powered by, Weather Delta is also really easy to set up. You open the app, and you get the local weather. It couldn’t be much easier.

It will notify you throughout the day if there’s any significant change in the weather.

The app also supports Android Wear. When paired to a mobile device, a wearable will get a series of cards which provide users with a beautiful weather station on their person.

It’s the first weather app to support Android TV. It can still pull your location and display the weather in a way that’s optimized for a television.

– Android Wear support, with beautiful notifications
– Android TV support, with user’s location displayed on a satellite map
– Change between English units and metric
– Gets current local weather and analyzes change in a table or graph
– Notifies users of weather changes
– It’s all about the user. You can change your comfort levels for wind, temperature, and more so that you only get notified of important things.
– Want to wake up to the weather? Set Weather Delta as a Daydream. Don’t like its color scheme? Pick from five different themes!
– Language support for English, French, and German
– View the current weather with the “Weather Delta” watchface
– Can set custom location if using a VPN

An in-app purchase gives users additional features and helps support development
– Full offline app for Android Wear
– Glanceable summary card telling you everything you need to know instantly
– More settings are unlocked, such as downloading weather only on Wi-Fi
– Access to all daydream themes
– Premium users will get new features first

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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