Rose Clock Weather Widget – Decorate your phone with fantastic rose clock weather widget for free!

Rose Clock Weather Widget

Decorate your phone with fantastic rose clock weather widget for free!

Rose Clock Weather Widget screenshot 0Rose Clock Weather Widget screenshot 1Rose Clock Weather Widget screenshot 2Rose Clock Weather Widget screenshot 3Rose Clock Weather Widget screenshot 4

Add beautiful roses to your home screen and be immediately informed about the current weather forecast, date and time. Download Rose Clock and Weather Widget and customize your phone the way you have always wanted. This is not just an ordinary digital clock widget and weather widget, this is much more than that. Everything you want to know now is in one small “weather clock widget” with flower theme.

✿ The best love widget for your phone!!! ✿

Make your home screen romantic and lovely with an amazing flower clock weather widget. Roses are the most beautiful flowers in the world so why wouldn’t you add them to your screen to create a wonderful combination with your wallpaper or live wallpaper. Spice up your phone screen with 4×1 “flower widget” and be sure that your home screen will look adorable. Find the perfect rose for yourself – choose among various beautiful widgets skins and beautify your phone instantly.

✿ More fantastic flower clock widgets are unlocked every day!!! ✿

Whenever you tap on your stylish widget for Android™ you can some additional information about the weather condition. Check out the pressure, cloudiness, humidity and wind speed and the exact time of sunrise and sunset. You can also pick your favorite design and get one of these modern widgets for girls. Just choose the color of the rose, so if you are in love, choose a red rose that symbolizes passion and romance. On the other hand, if you want your “weather & clock widget” to more gentle and sophisticated you can take a pink rose, yellow or white, according to your taste.

✿ Flower clock & weather widget looks perfect on both tablet and phone devices! ✿

A cute widget will make every day of your life sunny and beautiful, and it will cheer you up no matter what the weather is outside. The Rose Clock and Weather Widget will make you feel more and more in love day by day. So why would you miss this wonderful feeling, download this free widget app and make yourself happy!
* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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