Ocean Temperature & Waves – Water temperature, tide, wave and wind data live.

Ocean Temperature & Waves

Water temperature, tide, wave and wind data live.

Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 0Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 1Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 2Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 3Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 4Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 5Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 6Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 7Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 8Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 9Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 10Ocean Temperature & Waves screenshot 11

Great for surfing, diving, sailing, swimming or deciding if it’s a good time to hit the beach. Check what time the next high/low tide is. Use the home screen widget to keep an eye on the water.

Live scientific readings from ocean buoys around the world. Data is provided by the National Data Buoy Center of NOAA and other public scientific organizations. Most buoys report water temperature and swell height, but some have more information available than others. Automatically select the closest buoy, choose one from the map, or choose from the list. Build a list of favorites for quick access to key buoys. With your device’s location function turned on, bearing and distance to the buoy is calculated and displayed. This app is lightweight, easy-to-use, and requires virtually no data usage.

Currently, buoys are included from the following locations:

US Pacific: Washington to California
US Atlantic: Main to Florida
US/Canada Great Lakes
Gulf of Mexico
United Kingdom

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/NgEa0r


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