SMHI Väder – SMHI Weather provides local weather resorts worldwide

SMHI Väder

SMHI Weather provides local weather resorts worldwide

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By positioning you get a weather overview for the place you are in, along with the current warning information.

The app gives you access to
– 10-day forecast for the selected city, both as a summary table with daily values, and in a more detailed view of temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and wind direction byvindstyrka.
– Diagram of the next ten days
– Analyzed the readings, for a selected city, hour by hour of the last day
– Current land and Marine Alarm Setup for Sweden
– Text forecast for the area where the selected locality is situated, as well as for the whole of Sweden
– Ability to search the forecast for Swedish and foreign localities
– Ability to save places as favorites
– Radar images showing rainfall and lightning, with the possibility of animation
– Ability to add a widget on their “home screen”, the current forecast of one or more selected locations

Weather forecasts in the app based on SMHI forecast database that is updated at least 6 times / day.

Forecast The database created from high-resolution forecast models, which makes it possible to catch more extremes and variations in local weather.

For more information on SMHI’s activities, products and services, visit our website

*** NOTE: Users with older version than 1.2 can no longer use the search function. By upgrading to the latest version so it works again ***

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