Hava Canlı (TARBİL) – TARBİL from instant weather

Hava Canlı (TARBİL)

TARBİL from instant weather

Hava Canlı (TARBİL) screenshot 0Hava Canlı (TARBİL) screenshot 1Hava Canlı (TARBİL) screenshot 2Hava Canlı (TARBİL) screenshot 3Hava Canlı (TARBİL) screenshot 4Hava Canlı (TARBİL) screenshot 5

With these applications it can live meteorological data generated by TARBİL data.
  – Current and most recent data according to your location
  – Use simple interface
  – Visual data and graphs

Release Notes:
* 2.1.1
      – To seek feedback from users immediately corrected the error occurred.
* 2.1.0
      – Fixed bug for Android 6.0.
* 2.0.0
       – Changing the design of the application.
        – The creation of a feedback page
* 1.4.2
       – The addition to the location of the search was conducted menu.
 * 1.4.0
       – The size of the application has been reduced.
       – In practice, you can search for other provinces menu design was carried out.
 * 1.3.0
         – Widget was developed for Air Live.
         – Icon design was changed.
 * 1.2.0
         – Evapotranspiration and rainfall information was added in the last three months.
 * 1.1.1
         – Elimination of errors.
 * 1.1.0
         – For design changes were made.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/DrIKrH


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