Weather & Radar – Morecast App – Snow Radar, Webcams, Navigation, Clouds & More – Pinpoint Weather by Hour!

Weather & Radar - Morecast App

Snow Radar, Webcams, Navigation, Clouds & More – Pinpoint Weather by Hour!

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MORECAST™ weather app features precise Doppler radar that allows you to track upcoming Snow Storms. Use the radar to ensure you always know where and when it’s going to Snow.

Top features of MORECAST™ include Doppler Radar, real-time web cams, satellite reporting, weather maps, and local forecast to update you on weather reports for today, tomorrow, and the next 10 days. Stay alerted on various weather conditions, including rain, storms, snow, tornado, and flash flood warnings.

Download the best free weather app to get a today, tomorrow, or 10-day report or forecast. The free app tells you if it’s cold today or will rain tomorrow. It’s a weather forecast and summary with easy access to storm and other warnings, severe storm advisories in your city, current temperature, and even cold spells and snow. MORECAST™ offers US and world-wide weather anytime!

MORECAST™ Features
– Interactive Doppler Radar
– Weather Forecasts with Street-Level Accuracy
– Customizable Weather Widgets
– Navigation with On Route Weather
– Side-by-Side Weather Comparison
– Live Webcams
– Weather Moments Sharing Functionality
– Weather Maps and Graphs

MORECAST™ is a new pinpoint-precise, free weather app with Doppler Radar, web cams, satellite, live cams, maps, a camera, and more premium features to give you real-time access to weather at the beaches, in the mountains, or anywhere you need to go in the U.S.

Wondering if it will be hot or cold where you’re heading? Use the MORECAST™ app and map for navigation to – and through – the beaches and mountains, and to help you get where you’re going in the U.S. MORECAST™’s maps, Doppler Radar information, web cam and live cam access, satellite info, and maps help you get an accurate weather report and forecast for today, tomorrow, or the next 10 days.

Use MORECAST™’s built-in navigation features to see if there will be rain, snow, tornado or flash flood warnings, or even sunshine or heat in the city you live in or are visiting. MORECAST™ helps you plan ahead and be prepared for anything.

MORECAST™ is the best free app for Android devices that shows the weather at different times of the day across the U.S., and it has a brilliant navigation feature to help you decide on the best route around weather conditions.

The MORECAST™ app gives you and millions of other users the most precise, hyper-local forecast and report data for your location in the U.S. It features hourly weather forecasts, reports for today and tomorrow, and even a 10-day forecast to help you track wind speed and gust info, rain and snow, tornado and flash flood warnings, and more.

Android widgets, a web cam and live cam, satellite info, maps, and a detailed map of San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, and even cities in Mexico help with navigation through a freak storm, extreme hot and cold, and more.

Use MORECAST™ to make the most of days filled with sunshine at the beach, to avoid surprise heat conditions and fires in the mountains, and to stay up to date on the weather report and forecast anywhere you’re going. With built-in map and camera accessibility, you have access to a world of weather information and conditions in one free app.

Download MORECAST™ today!

After you install MORECAST™ you will be able to send your feedback. If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say hello, please send us an e-mail to

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