i-Meteo – i-Meteo weather information science simple consultation


i-Meteo weather information science simple consultation

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i-Meteo – Weather Info Weather Smaniotto

i-Meteo of SMANIOTTO.EU stems from the user who is looking to not only weather information simple consultation for the regional and national level but also news of a scientific and environmental monitoring at the international level.

The purpose of the application is to collect various information from various sites, properly selected, to make them available to users in near real time.

A simple, useful, different and FREE for signing informed on your mobile.

You will therefore find in convenient drop-down menu on the left side of your screen:

• Webcam and Weather Station Data Polifunzionale Avio (Tn) hosted by WWW.SMANIOTTO.EU;
• Forecast semiautomatic Triveneto and National;
• A channel dedicated to news sections: WEATHER, SCIENCE TEACHING and in general;
• Updates Facebook weather / scientific of my channels:
• Weather Radar;
• Radar Lightning;
• Monitoring Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones;
• Model GFS animated;
• Weather Alerts;
• Earthquakes in the national and global levels;
• Radon Monitoring

A graphical interface simple but functional.

Also with the app you can:

– Activate the NOTIFICATION arrival of new news from the various channels with custom settings;
– Choose the theme of the application (black or white);
– Set the various methods of updating the news (even Wi-Fi);
– Menu available in multiple languages;
– Cleaning Articles customizable;
– Ability to send an email to the webmaster directly from the application;
– Share the articles in the various social and other (features not always available).

This application is NOT for profit and is NOT a substitute for informed, applications or communications from the authorities in charge OFFICIAL nationally and internationally.

The use is for the sole purpose INFORMATIONAL and images, articles, logos are owned ® © individual sites mentioned in the various sections.

And ‘our FIRST application and then hope that the idea is welcome with your satisfaction, understanding in case of errors and ready to receive any criticism if the same are constructive.

Unfortunately, in the application, being free, it was not possible to eliminate the presence of banner ads albeit against the policy of the site http://www.smaniotto.eu.

However, the latter are not very invasive and of little impact to the user thus allowing optimal navigation.

See more information: https://goo.gl/oqhy0V


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