WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 – StormTracker 12 Weather App


StormTracker 12 Weather App

WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 0WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 1WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 2WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 3WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 4WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 5WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 6WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 7WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 8WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 9WBOY STORMTRACKER 12 screenshot 10

Get instant access to your 7-day forecast, HD Dual Live Doppler interactive radar and the “Predictor” forecast model in this FREE app.

— Our team of 8 full-time meteorologists know everything about weather that is so unique to the West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania areas . That’s more than 100 years of combined forecasting experience in this app.
— Enable notifications, and you’ll know what’s happening at your current location and be alerted to severe weather 24 hours a day.
— Use the new Stormtracker 12 interactive map you can see what’s happening where you are and check on family members anywhere in the country!
— Watch latest video forecasts from the StormTracker 12 Weather Team.
—Twisting Storm Alerts – Featuring the Baron Tornado Index, these exclusive alerts have a simple 1-to-10 ranking on the possibility of a tornado in an approaching storm. This ranking is more local and accurate than any system ever designed.
—Special StormTracker Alerts – Fully automated weather alerts, in your hand and on your phone are simple to use. These alerts are more specific than weather sirens. These can alert you up to 15 minutes before the storm hits!
—Breaking News Alerts: Keep informed with StormTracker 12 ALERT news updates on important stories near you.
—Lightning Alerts: Get real-time alerts for your GPS location and know where lightning strikes near you.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/9Os1Qz


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