MBP Vida – Review of meteorological data from buoys VIDA

MBP Vida

Review of meteorological data from buoys VIDA

MBP Vida screenshot 0MBP Vida screenshot 1MBP Vida screenshot 2MBP Vida screenshot 3MBP Vida screenshot 4MBP Vida screenshot 5MBP Vida screenshot 6

!!!! Occasionally there is a failure in the transmission of live images but it’s not application error !!!!

Review of meteorological data from weather buoys VIDA Piran.

The app allows you to:
– Current overview of data on the current wind direction and the average wind direction, Beaufort scale, the temperature of the sea surface air temperature
– Tides for any date for the Bay of Koper (see the ebb and flow, sunrise and sunset, the time of high and low tide, moon phase
– Half an hour a review of other data (air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, sea surface and at the bottom, and salinity at the surface, the O2 concentration at the bottom, wave height, maximum height, wave direction and period
– Online display images from the camera before Piran Punto (occasionally the video offline)
– Display of surface currents for any date and time
– Displays radar images of cloudiness

To see online video viewing on first viewing, select the appropriate program. If on the phone you do not have to review the video content you install the “MX Player”

Visual meteorological fight fight fight Piran MBS vision nib

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/fpKKF9


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