PredictWind – Looking for the most accurate Wind Forecast on the web?


Looking for the most accurate Wind Forecast on the web?

PredictWind screenshot 0PredictWind screenshot 1PredictWind screenshot 2PredictWind screenshot 3PredictWind screenshot 4PredictWind screenshot 5PredictWind screenshot 6PredictWind screenshot 7PredictWind screenshot 8PredictWind screenshot 9PredictWind screenshot 10PredictWind screenshot 11PredictWind screenshot 12PredictWind screenshot 13PredictWind screenshot 14PredictWind screenshot 15PredictWind screenshot 16PredictWind screenshot 17PredictWind screenshot 18PredictWind screenshot 19PredictWind screenshot 20

Looking for the most accurate Wind Forecast on the web?
Trust the world leader – PredictWind
• Highest resolution on the web.
• Choice of top sailors and wind experts.
• Incredible detail with tables, graphs and maps.
• Zoom in on high resolution forecast maps.

Incredibly powerful tools:
• Weather Routing: showing you the fastest route with wind conditions.
• Trip Planner: showing you the best day for departure.
• Observations: real time live observations with graphs.
• Forecast Alerts: get notified of the conditions that matter to you.
• GPS Tracking: lets friends & family view your position and track.

• Continued use of GPS running in the background using the Boat Tracking tool can dramatically decrease battery life. However this feature can be enabled and disabled as desired.
• App requires registration for saving and syncing forecast locations so you can view the forecasts on the web, and other devices.
• Free accounts do have access to a 7 day forecast at 1km/8km resolution. You can upgrade with an In-App purchase for full access to the powerful tools listed above.

Visit our homepage at
Contact us at ​ for any problems you may have with this App


“This is a brilliant app! It gives you accurate wind information in your pocket. Very fast and easy to use. We use it constantly at” –


“I have been very impressed, and now count a trip to the web site as a regular part of my pre-race prep… no matter whether I’m buoy racing in San Francisco Bay or sailing in an offshore race across the Baltic Sea.” – Peter Isler – Two-time America’s Cup Winner

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