ZephyrPro Anemometer – ZephyrPro works as a proper anemometer, just using your smartphone microphone!

ZephyrPro Anemometer

ZephyrPro works as a proper anemometer, just using your smartphone microphone!

ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 0ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 1ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 2ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 3ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 4ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 5ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 6ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 7ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 8ZephyrPro Anemometer screenshot 9

This application brings the functionalities of an Anemometer (Wind Meter) and of a Wind Spectrum Analyzer to your phone.No sensors required: realtime wind speed reading (max 20 m/s) just using your smartphone microphone.

Outstanding features, multilingual, cross-platform and an impressive calibration: do you want more? simply ask. More than 100.000 downloads in the various editions: simply the best!

Suitable for any winter and summer windsport.

>>ZephyrPro at a glance

– Dynamic and Average wind speed measuring modes with real time charts, wind direction display

+ Multiple units of measure (m/s, Km/h, knots, fps, mph, Beaufort scale)

+ Professional calibration page

+ Wind Spectrum Analyzer with real time linear and logarithmic charts

+ WindChill Calculator (NWS formula), suitable to calculate the windchill index for air temperature below 10 °C and wind speed greater than 5 km/h

+ WC temperature display, available for smartphones with a temperature sensor

+ Customizable measuring direction for tablets (DownWind, UpWind)

+ Adjustable wind smoothing factor, ideal to stabilize measures/graphs with variable winds

+ Settable cutoff frequency of the wind band, in order to avoid some specific interference

+ Local current weather service

+ Supported languages: English, Español, Italiano, Português

This application is not intended to replace scientific instrumentation, but with a good calibration it can come close to a real anemometer device.

Read the embedded User Guide: for any info or troubleshooting you can contact us at support@gaiacons.com.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/U84lGi


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