Imagen Satelital Argentina – Display satellite images of Argentina in his cell. Use the Widget!

Imagen Satelital Argentina

Display satellite images of Argentina in his cell. Use the Widget!

Imagen Satelital Argentina screenshot 0Imagen Satelital Argentina screenshot 1Imagen Satelital Argentina screenshot 2Imagen Satelital Argentina screenshot 3Imagen Satelital Argentina screenshot 4Imagen Satelital Argentina screenshot 5Imagen Satelital Argentina screenshot 6Imagen Satelital Argentina screenshot 7

Meet the cloud been in your vicinity with only unlock and watch the screen of your phone. Since you will not take unawares storms. ISA known, the application for satellite and radar images of Argentina. Its main feature is to add a widget to the desired satellite image on the desktop and have the visible infrared satellite image, or temperature of cloud tops provided by the National Weather Service, as well as radar images of Parana, Parchment and belonging Anguil the National Agricultural Technology Institute.

No advertising! All we ask is your score.

Hours satellite images and radar are in UTC, this means that Argentina must subtract 3 hours.

Now also available access to the mobile portal of the National Weather Service, and no ads!

The image of the widget is updated every 3 hours, or when it does touch, depending on the availability of the image.

To add the widget, once installed, and being at one of the desks, hold your finger down on your screen, or press the menu button to bring up the option to add a Widget. Widgets and look on the “Image Satellite Argentina” and add it to your screen after selecting the type of image you want to view.

In versions of Android higher than 3.1, the Widget 4×4 can be resized. This allows a larger image size in Tablets.

See detail information and download apk file for android:

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