Köpönyeg – Hungary Weather legszerethetőbb new portal application.


Hungary Weather legszerethetőbb new portal application.

Köpönyeg screenshot 0Köpönyeg screenshot 1Köpönyeg screenshot 2Köpönyeg screenshot 3Köpönyeg screenshot 4Köpönyeg screenshot 5Köpönyeg screenshot 6Köpönyeg screenshot 7

The cloak Hungary legszerethetőbb weather portal – a long time after your application has undergone a complete facelift. Our goal is to get better and make better quality app, so expect your feedback and we try to fix all the issues that may occur as soon as possible. 🙂

For 15 days the mantle and the detailed 3-day weather forecast gives domestic cities and 10 day forecast for over 20,000 cities abroad. The municipalities can choose from our database, but also based on GPS position we can tell you what you can expect. The current and detailed data than can view the air pressure, humidity values ​​as well as information on the wind direction and -erősségre.
In addition to the localized text data daily updated national forecast is subject to follow.

Extra: if you avert your phone, you can see a chart of our usual 15-day too!

Now you can follow minute by minute mobile phone in our section, from which – if you ask – we will send push notifications. Of course, this only appears in the application, if something really outstanding event. 🙂

Look at the map to others what the weather’s like and share them with others you the current weather conditions! An intuitive map can monitor real-time data submitted by users, a simple and beautiful interface and you also may file observations.

Keep track of the migration of clouds in the animated satellite and radar picture! The present map you can see the current temperature of the evolution of the whole country as well.

Currently you can choose from 4 different widgets that will always show the current information and forecasts of a given city. Soon more, more colorful widget applying for.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/2sgB6s


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