PunjNud Books – Biggest collection of Punjabi English Persian Sindhi Pashto & Urdu books

PunjNud Books

Biggest collection of Punjabi English Persian Sindhi Pashto & Urdu books

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PunjNud.com’s PunjNud Books app is specifically designed application for right handed languages based on Persian script. It is a completely free application optimized for both Android phones and Tablets. Interface of the app is designed in both Urdu and English languages for easy access. All books can now be read with famous Jameel Noori Nastalique font just like any paper book.

There are currently over 6200 books available in Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Persian Hindko, Pashto and English and currently we have the biggest collection of Urdu books.

All books can be downloaded in the app for offline reading and if you create a login in PunjNud Book you can also save your list of books. All signed up users can now load their books in multiple devices and can also download books to their devices from PunjNud.com website.

Books can be read in full screen and font size can also be increased or decreased.

All signed up users can also upload their books in app and can read them.

Navigation inside the app has been optimized for easy and simple access within different categories.

All changes in the app gets synced within multiple devices and website.

App also remembers the last page of the book you read for easy access at later time.

All books are based on Unicode text so books can be downloaded within seconds.

App is optimized for both portrait and landscape mode.

Any copyright complaint will be looked at as soon as possible. All content will be removed as per request.
If you are interested in uploading any book please publish it from inside the console and it will be available for all users after approval.

Some of the most famous authors available in library are Allama Iqbal Manto Ghalib Mir Taqi Mir Baba Bulleh Shah Wards Shah Faiz Meera Jee Haider Qureshi Munir Niazi Shiv Kumar Batalvi Altaf Hussein Hali Insha Jigar Murad Abadi Khusro Mirza Adeeb Hafiz Munchi Prem Chand Agha Hashar Mododi Shibli Ismael Meerthi.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/nlKYqR


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