EEW地震速報 – Earthquake Receive notification issued by Bureau of Meteorology


Earthquake Receive notification issued by Bureau of Meteorology

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BXB Electronics Central Weather Bureau in response to – the epicenter of the earthquake disaster reduction campus concept, with the development of automated earthquake quick report system, in view of the system has been gradually formed, and now in order to let more people can be affected by the earthquake quick report immediate protection, especially the earthquake rapid reporting system extended from the campus to the mobile device App, please download.

National Disaster Prevention System cloth beginning to build, can be expected to have many issues that need improvement, if any suggestions please feel free, card Electronics will make every effort to complete the system more.

Central Weather Bureau – Earthquake Center, all the efforts of colleagues
BXB electronics, all colleagues together

NOTE: currently only open to the fire department priority counties sparking brothers registered account

Push the following about the earthquake countdown, play an alarm sound … and other matters, please pay attention.

First, [Register Push News]
Explanation: Because App need EEW host connections, automatic registration push relevant information,
When an earthquake occurs, EEW host will have relevant information, send push messages to mobile devices.

1. Can the case of Internet connection (Mobile Internet or WiFi connection)
2. After the first execution APP, more than ten seconds before switch off

Note: If push error occurred, please check the network connection. If still persists, please re-boot or re-download after removal App.

Second, the [Receiving push messages]
If APP meet (a) the conditions and in mobile devices have a network connection status, when the earthquake happened, EEW host Meteorological Bureau after receiving the alarm, it will send push to mobile devices.

But the following cases, a mobile device can not receive push:
Unable to connect to the Internet: “flight mode”, “mobile network is not open” or “WiFi is not properly wired.”

System Settings> Applications> This APP “Display notification” is closed

(3) [earthquake Countdown]
Description: An information and user location according to the earthquake, estimated to calculate the shock wave arrival time, and then start the countdown

The following conditions, when the earthquake alert service, APP will be reciprocal
Status A: When APP is executed foreground image, continue with the EEW host connection via Internet.
(Users press the Home key, press the return key to end the APP, under the action unit sleep … is not in the foreground as the status of implementation of App)

Availability B: App although executed in the background, but still continued with the EEW host connections through the Internet.

Availability C: Internet connection is normal, receive push messages, when the user “proactive” push message click with execution from APP
1. If not to the earthquake, it would begin to count
2. If the earthquake has passed, will only show “0” s (estimated shock wave arrival time)

NOTE: If the user uses the “automatic positioning”, but not yet successful positioning, the countdown of seconds may be incorrect.

Fourth, [earthquake countdown alarm tone]
Description: When satisfied (c), the earthquake will be accompanied by a countdown alarm tone,
But the following cases, APP can not by the hand-held device built-in speaker to play sounds:
Quieter, stuck headset, the phone, “Media volume” is set to the minimum, the system is not faze mode … and so on.
Note: If less than “breaking news Notification” quake set, it will not sound an alarm.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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