Weather and Radar – – Weather, rain radar and weather warnings by for your Android device!

Weather and Radar -

Weather, rain radar and weather warnings by for your Android device!

Weather and Radar - screenshot 0Weather and Radar - screenshot 1Weather and Radar - screenshot 2Weather and Radar - screenshot 3Weather and Radar - screenshot 4Weather and Radar - screenshot 5Weather and Radar - screenshot 6Weather and Radar - screenshot 7Weather and Radar - screenshot 8Weather and Radar - screenshot 9Weather and Radar - screenshot 10Weather and Radar - screenshot 11Weather and Radar - screenshot 12Weather and Radar - screenshot 13Weather and Radar - screenshot 14

A weather station for your Android phone by!

This app provides you with
– 7-day forecast
– Current weather
– Homescreen Widget (not possible if installed on SD card!!)
– Powerful search + GPS positioning
– Animated rain radar (Germany & Spain) and forecast
– Weather warnings (Germany)
– Editorial forecast (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
– Weather Videos
– Live Weather Cameras

General information:
We have weather information for all over the world. But our home market is Germany. So the app is meant for german speaking countries and some of the information like the textual weather forecast or the weather warnings are only available in german!

How can I get help?
Please send an email to with your problem details.

Widget Notice:
Widgets only work if the app is installed on internal storage. If the app is on external storage like a SD card, the widget dissapears. After reboot at the latest.
It is a technical issue which we can’t change.
Some devices move the app to SD card automatically.

Translations: Version 2 of the app is only available in English and German.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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