PerfectForecast – Tired of checking the forecast every day ! Perfect Forecast is for you !


Tired of checking the forecast every day ! Perfect Forecast is for you !

PerfectForecast screenshot 0PerfectForecast screenshot 1PerfectForecast screenshot 2PerfectForecast screenshot 3PerfectForecast screenshot 4PerfectForecast screenshot 5PerfectForecast screenshot 6PerfectForecast screenshot 7PerfectForecast screenshot 8PerfectForecast screenshot 9PerfectForecast screenshot 10PerfectForecast screenshot 11PerfectForecast screenshot 12PerfectForecast screenshot 13PerfectForecast screenshot 14PerfectForecast screenshot 15PerfectForecast screenshot 16PerfectForecast screenshot 17PerfectForecast screenshot 18PerfectForecast screenshot 19PerfectForecast screenshot 20PerfectForecast screenshot 21PerfectForecast screenshot 22PerfectForecast screenshot 23

This app aim people who practice outdoors activities that depend on the weather, like Surfing, Kitesurfing, Skydiving, Base Jumping and Rock Climbing Sailing, Boating, Fishing or Outdoor Partying.

Just put the conditions you want for each spot and your availibility to do your activity, then you will receive a notification if the forecast match the conditions that you entered.
To help you, you can choose the settings optimized for Surfing/Kitesurfing/Skydiving even for your secret spot.
The optimized settings take into account the shape of the spot like beach orientation & swell direction possible.

– Search spot by name or by using google map (Around 9000 spots available for Surfing and KiteSurfing)
– Create your own spot anywhere in the world. (Require Google Service)
– Optimized settings for Surfing/Kitesurfing/Skydiving
– Customizable view
– Highly Configurable alert
– Configurable Notification (Time & number of days Included)
– Compare quickly each spot by day
– Share the forecast with your friend

Hourly parameters available:
– Wind direction
– Wind speed
– Gust speed
– Wave height
– Wave period
– Wave direction
– Swells (primary, secondary and wind swell)
– Tide height
– Tide trend
– Temperature
– Cloud (low, mid, Hight and Global) coverage
– Rain
– Atmospheric pressure
– Humidity
– Isothermal limit

List of daily parameters available
– Sunrise & Sunset Time
– Moonrise & Moonset Time
– Moon phase
– Moon illumination
– Distance Earth-Moon
– Tide times (low/high)
– Tide heights (low/high)

Report any problems by email or on the facebook page
Feel free to send me some new features idea or some missing spots too.

Weather Alert, PerfectForecast, Perfect-Forecast, perfect forecast

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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