Climatempo – Previsão do Tempo – Keep the Weather in your hands

Climatempo - Previsão do Tempo

Keep the Weather in your hands

Climatempo - Previsão do Tempo screenshot 0Climatempo - Previsão do Tempo screenshot 1Climatempo - Previsão do Tempo screenshot 2Climatempo - Previsão do Tempo screenshot 3Climatempo - Previsão do Tempo screenshot 4

Plan your day to day with the most reliable prediction of the time for all Brazil.

With Climatempo app, you can follow the current weather conditions with high accuracy on the home screen and also hourly weather forecast to facilitate the planning of your day. Program the next 14 days got easier with the amazing new design and very simple to use, and can create custom alerts according to your goal.

It’s easy and free!

See the solutions package Climatempo app:

– Hourly forecast for the day and for the next 14 days, providing information about the relative amount of rain and humidity.
– Accompany rain in real time in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro through weather radar installed at strategic points.
– Check the conditions of the current temperature of your city by geolocation or search for more than 6,000 cities available.
– Satellite images for all Brazil, record the movement of clouds and clusters of storms analysis of meteorologists.
– Area videos updated daily with all weather systems explained by our team.
– Make your registration time through our interactive mode, send photo and your content simply and easily.


Get notifications about changes of time, choose which time climate is most relevant to you: a high temperature, a rainy day or a storm for example. It’s easy and, better yet, totally free now download the forecasting app more reliable time Brazil.

Some tips:

– Share information on social networks with a single tap.
– Create as many alerts you see fit by tapping the icon “bell” in the upper right corner.

See more information:


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