F-Chops WeatherPod – Get your weather forecast with a twist of humor. This app is not for everyone.

F-Chops WeatherPod

Get your weather forecast with a twist of humor. This app is not for everyone.

F-Chops WeatherPod screenshot 0F-Chops WeatherPod screenshot 1F-Chops WeatherPod screenshot 2F-Chops WeatherPod screenshot 3F-Chops WeatherPod screenshot 4F-Chops WeatherPod screenshot 5F-Chops WeatherPod screenshot 6F-Chops WeatherPod screenshot 7

Yet another weather app but with a twist. You get all the weather info that you need at a glance but with a tug on the short hairs that will keep you coming back to check the weather every day. Simply tap on the splash screen to start. Shake the phone or hit the REFRESH key in the lower left corner at any time to refresh. Tap the large weather graphic in the upper right to toggle between displays. Watch the video for more info.

Search the weather in other cities, virtually any location on the planet is available.

Want Dew Points or ‘Feels Like’ temps? How about Barometric Pressure? I don’t so I didn’t put them in. All the weather forecast services offer that stuff but I chose only to use the stuff I thought people would actually use.

The twist? The current weather conditions will display a ‘smarty pants’ remark that will surely make you smirk. There are even custom remarks and graphics for specific holidays. Full moons are certainly no stranger here.. hint hint.

*Disclaimer : while humorous, these smarty pants remarks can contain adult language. There are no politically incorrect comments, but intelligence (or the lack of), sense of fashion, as well as other topics are all fair game.

A new twist – a secret Stinkin’ Badge easter egg. Find it and ‘check in’ during different conditions to earn badges. Even weather can be a fun competition with your friends. Poke around the app to find it.

o Current Temps .. see exactly how hot or cold it is. Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius at will.
o Highs and Low Temperatures for the day are easy to see.
o Graphic representations for the current weather makes it quick and easy to see whats up outside.
o Smarty Pants remarks determined by the current weather condition.
o Short summaries of the weather and what is yet to come.
o 5 Day forecast with the high and low temps. Tap any days icon for a daily weather summary.
o Live graph showing the temperatures for the next 8 hours.
o Customize the text and background colors till your fingers bleed.
o An animated weather map in real time
o Shake the phone to refresh location and weather
o Blah Blah Blah.. you get the idea.

o Sunrise and Sunset times will determine the day and night modes of the app.
o For you hippies, see Sun Spot and Moon Phase information at the press of a button.
o Up to the minute Humidity and Rain percentages.
o Air Quality Index levels at a glance with color coding.
o Wind Speed and Direction, also accurate to the current instant.
o Supports thousands of locations worldwide
o a QUIT button. This button will quit the app and unload it from memory. Nothing running in the background eating up valuable cell phone resources and battery juice. How many other apps can say that?

I will do my best to answer any and all emails in a timely manner. I will also do my best to settle any complaints in a similar time frame. Please be honest with your reviews, it will only help me to improve the app as time goes on. All requests and suggestions are welcome.

This app won’t prevent a lightning bolt shot to the noggin, but it will improve your odds of not getting a soaker when it rains. If you are going to slip down the stairs because it snowed you may as well giggle on the way down. For the price of a cheap beer you can install and keep this app on your phone. You have to tip for the beer and it will only be gone 5 minutes later. Powered by Dark Sky with help from Google! This app was developed using the MIT App Inventor 2 application. Like us on Facebook too.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/ORtnKR


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