Meteoino – Meteohub always and everywhere


Meteohub always and everywhere

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With Meteoino can live sensor data and the long-term values of its Meteohub retrieve and display additional information, such as “Sunrise” and Meteohubwerte.

For the data update just the screen down to accuse the icon appears.
Furthermore, update the weather forecast and the last update of the data is displayed in.

In addition to current data, you can also show the the long-term value for all sensors (eg. current year or month).

The following sensors / information can be displayed
~ Internal temperature
~ Indoor humidity
~ Outside temperature
~ Chill temperature (wind chill)
~ Outdoor humidity
~ Air pressure
~ Air pressure tendency
~ Wind speed
~ Wind direction
~ Wind gusts
~ Cloud base
~ Precipitation and total amount
~ UV-radiation
~ Solar radiation
~ Floor sensor
~ Snow line


After initial installation, you need to select your senors under “Menu -> Settings -> Sensors”.

To be able to retrieve the values from the sensor Metehub, under the setting item “server” Meteohub address and port (eg. 80) must be entered.

If the sensor file stored externally, including address and port (eg. 80) the external server address and file path is entered under the server path.

Example Meteohub server
Server Address: “”
Port: “80”

Sample own server path
Server Address: “”
Port: “80”
Custom Path “/all-senors.txt”

~ Network Access
~ Device access to retrieve the current version of the program

See more information:


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