SIGNALERT – Witness disasters. Receive warnings. Watchers network.


Witness disasters. Receive warnings. Watchers network.

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SIGNALERT is an information-sharing and crowdmapping application allowing each one of us to be warned and monitor the impact of natural or man-made disasters, the effects of climate change, or crisis of which we can be witnesses or victims.

Locate your observation, take a picture, and answer a few simple questions to describe the intensity level of the phenomenon and its impact. That’s all.

Send the warning and, in return, get a map of other observations of witnesses in your neighborhood through the app.

Floods, torrential floods, snowfall, avalanches, forest fires, cyclones / hurricanes, and soon other phenomena, can be described with SIGNALERT APP.

SIGNALERT allows you to discuss in real time, with other users of the app, the effects of such phenomena, that are or may become dangerous in your field of vision, from wherever you are in the world. The app also gives you tips about appropriate behaviors for each phenomenon, and will instruct you about how to recognize the intensity level and impact, and offers links to the institutional websites of forecasts, warning or monitoring worldwide.

Share your warnings on social networks. The paid version is your personal or community warning system nearby:
Monitor the places of interest of your choice worldwide and automatically receive real-time notifications for any nearby warning sent by other users.
Use the “I’m fine” button to signal your loved ones that you are not in danger if you come across a disaster situation.

Get real-time alert notifications or warnings about floods on monitored waterways close to your places of interest (this option works in France for time being, and soon will be available in other countries).

Create your own monitoring network between neighbors, and relay the proximity alerts whenever a member of your network detects a potentially harmful phenomenon nearby. When traveling, you can find in the app all emergency numbers of the country where you are. The app is available in French, English, Spanish, and other languages soon. Also you can check the warnings from your tablet or PC with our OPEN portals that open during campaigns dedicated to events:

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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