SOS Chuva – SOS Rain allows you to view where they are taking place rains and storms.

SOS Chuva

SOS Rain allows you to view where they are taking place rains and storms.

SOS Chuva screenshot 0SOS Chuva screenshot 1SOS Chuva screenshot 2SOS Chuva screenshot 3SOS Chuva screenshot 4SOS Chuva screenshot 5SOS Chuva screenshot 6SOS Chuva screenshot 7SOS Chuva screenshot 8SOS Chuva screenshot 9SOS Chuva screenshot 10SOS Chuva screenshot 11SOS Chuva screenshot 12SOS Chuva screenshot 13SOS Chuva screenshot 14SOS Chuva screenshot 15

SOS Rain application, developed by INPE / CPTEC, allows:
– View in real time where rains are occurring
– Check the intensity of the rain
– View the forecast rays for the next 20 minutes
– Monitor the evolution of convective systems
– View satellite images

Most of these products are available for part of the states of SP, RJ and MG, depending on the characteristics of the instruments used in the project.

The application is part of the thematic project RAIN, funded by FAPESP. The basis of this research is the radar dual polarization operating in Campinas, for 24 months (two rainy seasons) to capture intense precipitation events that provide the foundation for the study of physical processes within clouds aiming to improve predictability in the short term, the severity detection and precipitation estimation with radar and satellite for high temporal and spatial resolution.

Brazil has bought and is still expanding the network of dual polarization radar to monitor extreme weather events. However, knowledge about this system is still in its infancy and this project will conduct research using this kind of instrument, train students in this area and develop novel tools to use this instrument.

For more information about the project, visit

See detail information and download apk file:


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