Twoja Pogoda – – Weather in Poland and in the world on your phone

Twoja Pogoda – Weather in Poland and in the world on your phone

Twoja Pogoda screenshot 0Twoja Pogoda screenshot 1Twoja Pogoda screenshot 2Twoja Pogoda screenshot 3Twoja Pogoda screenshot 4Twoja Pogoda screenshot 5Twoja Pogoda screenshot 6Twoja Pogoda screenshot 7Twoja Pogoda screenshot 8Twoja Pogoda screenshot 9 – the most popular weather service in Poland in a version for Android phones!
The application in a clear and readable form transferred to your phone anything you like on
You can add your favorite locations and keep up to date with the weather wherever you are.
Entries are free option (and will remain) free 🙂

In the application, you will find, among other things:
– Detailed weather forecast for 2.5 thousand village.
– Weather forecast for the next hour, overnight and tomorrow for temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, pressure, and other weather factors available on the site.
– Forecasts for your current location
– Forecasts of temperature and cloud cover in three-hour intervals.
– Forecasts maximum and minimum temperature and cloud cover for 7 days.
– Latest news and trivia.

For demanding users, we introduce additional options available to subscribe to TwojaPogodaPRO.
Now you can test TwojaPogodaPRO FREE 7 DAYS !!

Active subscription TwojaPogodaPRO only benefits:
– Widget application
– Lock screen widget (available from Android 4.2)
– 16-day forecasts
– Any number of sites
– No ads
– Calendar
– Weather warnings

The cost of subscription is just 1.23 PLN / month via Premium SMS or 8.99 PLN per year through Google Play. The first 7 days of test for free with your first purchase, regardless of the payment method.

This most visited independent weather service in Poland, according to the official Megapanel Gemius / PBI.

Warning! The application sends an SMS or collects payments only with the express consent of the user.

Detail information:


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