Yurekuru Call – ◆ The standard application of providing the Earthquake Early Warning.

Yurekuru Call

◆ The standard application of providing the Earthquake Early Warning.

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[about an earthquake of seismic intensity 7 announced at 17:09]

I am sorry to cause you worry.
I used data announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency and sent a notice some time ago,
but confirmed that the Japan Meteorological Agency gave a cancellation report.
I correct application now.
This time I am really sorry to trouble it.

【 informaion 】————————————————————

The icon does not appear in the status bar,
and “Status bar setting” has also been removed
in 3.3.0 and laterversions.


About 5 million users in Japan. The standard application of providing the Earthquake Early Warning.
Providing the Earthquake Early Warning by a push notification.
When an earthquake occurs, we provide a sense of security.

■ Improved visibility of “Earthquake Early Warning”
Utilizing the Earthquake Early Warning from the Japan Meteorological Agency, this application provide you with the earthquake warning.
It notifies you of an earthquake by countdown.
It notifies you the tsunami information, warning and cancelation.

■ “Seismic intensity map”
You can confirm shaking of your Neighborhood.
And when a tsunami warning is announced, you can see the information of the tsunami.

■ “Shaking report” Let’s share the seismic intensity that you felt.
You can contribute the comment and an icon of five phases on the map.

■ “Earthquake Lists” The tsunami can be careful, too.
You can confirm earthquake information with a list.
You can see the detailed earthquake information.

■ “Safety Confirmation”
You can post “Safety” or “Damaged” with name (required) and phone number (optional) .
You can search Safety Confirmation by name or phone number.
(Displayed phone number is under four digits. ex:0312345678 -> xxxxxx5678)

■ “+sonae”
You can get useful knowledge about disaster prevention in “+sonae”.
It is easy to understand with illustrations.
You can share the knowledge about disaster prevention.

■ A configuration of the notification.
It is possible to choose from 2,000 forecast regions of municipal unit and a predicted seismic intensity from 1 to 7.

These services are available in the basic free.

【 Yurekuru Call Premium Plan (paid subscription) 】

◆ Rates form
Monthly fee (automatic update) : $0.99 (USD) / month

◆ Function of the premium plan
Yurekuru Call premium plan offer the following services.
1. High speed “Earthquake Early Warning”
Notifies an earth quake early warning preferentially.

2. Increase in the number of list of earthquakes cases
It increase list of earthquakes to 50 cases.

3. GPS function & Multiple location
It add “the current location” to the predictive location by a GPS interlocking movement. And it is setable to up to four locations.

4. Hide ads from display

◆ Cancellation method of the premium plan
Google Play Store ⇒ Menu ⇒ Account ⇒ Subscriptions
Find the subscription you want to cancel and tap Cancel.
(For more information)

◆ Terms of Use

◆ Privacy Policy

NOTE: Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases the premium plan.

Yurekuru Call FAQ:rcsc.co.jp/#!yurekurufaq/cwnz


Detail information: https://goo.gl/AQCSQq


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