Weather forecast update-weekly – Check weather forecast live updates very accurate &informative any time you want

Weather forecast update-weekly

Check weather forecast live updates very accurate &informative any time you want

Weather forecast update-weekly screenshot 0Weather forecast update-weekly screenshot 1Weather forecast update-weekly screenshot 2

Weather Forecast update-weekly app is perfect for the use while you are traveling or you are at your city, this app provides the best information from the point of accuracy to every user, this app covers the whole world with all weather reports now you can select up to 8 cities and store them with their weekly forecast in to your mobile phone, you can even view the offline weekly forecast and last updated weather report on your city without internet. This app picks your city location without GPS and if you want to select your location with GPS then you can also use it. From this app you can select number of places that you want to store in your app for weather updates and if you don’t need them you can also remove them. This app has a very beautiful dynamic live view design to impress the users and provide them with real time weather experience; this app changes the background of the app with the current weather of the city and makes the user feel comfortable in its environment. Now you can easily compare weather all around your added cities by beautiful dial temperature gauge Weather forecast update-weekly. Weather Forecast update-weekly App Features
1. Gets your city without GPS
2. Add up to 8 cities
3. 8 cities with weekly weather forecast
4. Offline data storage
5. Dynamic app backgrounds
6. Accurate weather data
7. Change of app environment with weather.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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