AeroWeather – Most popular aviation weather App! Includes TAFs, METARs, NOTAMs and RADAR!


Most popular aviation weather App! Includes TAFs, METARs, NOTAMs and RADAR!

AeroWeather screenshot 0AeroWeather screenshot 1AeroWeather screenshot 2AeroWeather screenshot 3AeroWeather screenshot 4AeroWeather screenshot 5AeroWeather screenshot 6AeroWeather screenshot 7AeroWeather screenshot 8AeroWeather screenshot 9AeroWeather screenshot 10AeroWeather screenshot 11AeroWeather screenshot 12AeroWeather screenshot 13AeroWeather screenshot 14AeroWeather screenshot 15AeroWeather screenshot 16AeroWeather screenshot 17AeroWeather screenshot 18AeroWeather screenshot 19

Finally, the famous Aeroweather app is now available on Android!

Get current and precise weather conditions (METAR) as well as weather forecasts (TAF), which are used by pilots for their flight preparations. You can choose worldwide airport weather stations from the built-in database by either name, ICAO or IATA code. Data will be shown in its original format or fully decoded into easy understandable texts.

** NOTE: in order to display temperatures in Fahrenheit, switch off “Show original units”!

– shows additional information like sunrise/sunset, station location/elevation, timezone, and daylight saving adjustment
– optionally displays all times in GMT or in the station’s local time
– supports US and metric units
– display/adding of nearby stations

NEW: Also check out our latest ‘Sky MET’, a visually stunning and feature rich application for pilots, by pilots.

Detail information and download apk file:


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