Barometer Reborn 2017 – Barometer and simple atmospheric pressure tracker

Barometer Reborn 2017

Barometer and simple atmospheric pressure tracker

Barometer Reborn 2017 screenshot 0Barometer Reborn 2017 screenshot 1Barometer Reborn 2017 screenshot 2Barometer Reborn 2017 screenshot 3Barometer Reborn 2017 screenshot 4

Simple barometer and atmospheric pressure tracker.

Monitoring of atmosperic pressure can improve your life
– people suffering of migraine or headache can monitor how barometric pressure impacts on their overall mood
– barometric pressure is important for fishermen – you can adjust your fishing technique according air pressure trend to get best results

– nice and modern material design
– shows current atmospheric pressure according info provided by your phone sensors
– supports multiple units: millibars, hectopascals, inches of mercury, torrs and milimeters of mercury (more units to follow)
– supports mean sea level air pressure (to be comparable with other barometric stations)
– trackss history up to one week
– simple widget for your home screen
– fully free: no ads, no payments

Using this app is easier than using aneroid or mercury barometer as it tracks history and can be calibrated to mean sea level air (MSLP).

Please note that some phones don’t have barometer sensor so they are not compatible with this app.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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