LastQuake – EMSC Earthquakes – LastQuake is the only official EMSC earthquakes app. Designed by seismologists.

LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes

LastQuake is the only official EMSC earthquakes app. Designed by seismologists.

LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes screenshot 0LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes screenshot 1LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes screenshot 2LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes screenshot 3LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes screenshot 4LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes screenshot 5LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes screenshot 6LastQuake - EMSC Earthquakes screenshot 7

LastQuake allows you to receive real-time and reliable info when an earthquake hits.

LastQuake is the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre’s (EMSC) official app. This app has been designed by seismologists to deliver firsthand information in real-time to earthquakes’ witnesses. In a few clicks they can be alerted and informed, and they can also share their experiences.

The EMSC is an international scientific NGO based in France, created in 1975. It brings together data from seismological observatories of the Euro-Mediterranean region, representing 84 institutions from 55 different countries.
But the originality of the EMSC is its innovative seismic detection mode, which is based on:
→ earthquakes’ witnesses, who are the first to feel the earthquakes, and therefore the first to know an event occurs
→ on the internet and mobile technologies to quickly collect information about their effects found on site. Witnesses are indeed invited to fill in a questionnaire and share their photos and videos to assess the intensity of felt earthquakes.

– Real time data
– “Significant” earthquakes list (earthquakes known to be felt as detected by the EMSC seismic rapid detection tools)
– Customizable push notifications (destructive earthquakes, “around me” earthquakes,…)
– Social media sharing via all the social apps installed in your device
– Share comments, pictures and videos posted by witnesses

This is a free-ad app

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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