HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ – Get current weather minute by minute & get emergency ALERTS(New) Heat Map Globe

HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅

Get current weather minute by minute & get emergency ALERTS(New) Heat Map Globe

HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 0HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 1HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 2HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 3HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 4HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 5HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 6HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 7HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 8HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 9HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 10HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 11HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 12HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 13HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 14HyperLocal Weather,Elevation ⛅ screenshot 15

NEW: Heat Map of the world, a 3D earth globe that show heat all over the world
NEW: get emergency alerts

You need HYPER LOCAL weather (because the mountain doesn’t have the same weather as valley in the same city)

Other apps give you your city temperature and we give you you street temperature.

Your elevation above sea level affects weather a lot, get accurate weather NOW!

**Why Weather by elevation?
The air temperature will drop by 1 degree Celsius for every 150 meter increase in altitude.
so the elevation or altitude affects weather more than anything else.
when get your weather they will give a general temperature for the area, so you will not get an accurate weather.

** watch the one and only James May explaining this in this video

** Our app will give you an instant pin point weather depending on your location and elevation.

** This could be the difference between snowy and cold day

** get emergency alerts

** see the Heat Map of the world

** know if there are heat waves any where in the world

** get current wind speed

** current elevation or altitude

** current temperature

** this app is an altimeter and barometer equivalent

** and it is TOTALLY FREE!

** it is very fast to get results

** using satellite images to map all heights and low grounds

** hour by hour weather instant reports

** great for hiking or trekking, hikers and runners using runtastic will enjoy knowing the altitude

** very low battery usage, works on battery saving GPS location mode

** support HD screens, altitude HD app

** does not need calibration

** share your elevation and weather with your friends, with vivid hd images

** instant live weather (instaweather, instaelevation)

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/U9QmCr


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