Z Style Weather Widget – Best weather widget for your phone! Simple design and precision

Z Style Weather Widget

Best weather widget for your phone! Simple design and precision

Z Style Weather Widget screenshot 0Z Style Weather Widget screenshot 1Z Style Weather Widget screenshot 2Z Style Weather Widget screenshot 3Z Style Weather Widget screenshot 4Z Style Weather Widget screenshot 5Z Style Weather Widget screenshot 6Z Style Weather Widget screenshot 7

simple and beautiful widget so the Bench. Weather, temperature and time, as they should be. Nothing extra. Beautiful fonts and accuracy! You can go to the weather forecast in a single click!

Multifunctional widget that combines weather, clock, weather forecast for the week, and a lot of other useful information. This widget supports Amber Weather application and allows you to find the most accurate information about the weather conditions and always have on hand accurate forecast. design and intuitive interface pleasant to the eye personalize your smartphone and make it comfortable and functional. Download, and change in the weather will never be a surprise for you. Accurate weather in Russian, English, Spanish and other languages ​​anywhere in the world. Russia, the United States, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan …; Kyiv, Astana, London, New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk … Wherever you are – you will always know the weather forecast, temperature, humidity and more. Weather and time are now at your fingertips. Huge selection of free themes for widgets! Promotions and discounts. Amber Weather Komanada constantly working to improve the application to provide more accurate and detailed forecasts. More than 70 themes for widgets and new arrivals almost every week!

– Multiple widgets of different sizes (4×1, 4×2, 4×3 and 5×2)
– Lots of widgets covers
– Various themes of weather icons
– Customizable fonts
– Automatic / manual positioning (via mobile networks / Wi-Fi or GPS)
– Automatic / Manual Weather update interval (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1, 2, 4, 6 hours)
– Detailed weather forecast for the week
– Free widgets
– Local time (for current location)
– Current status, temperature, minimum temperature and maksimalnuaya
– The last time weather updates
– 24-hour weather forecast
– In Russian
– Ability to quickly jump in Calendar and Alarm Clock
– Accurate forecasts for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


This is a paid app widget for Amber Weather. To use it, you need to have the app Amber Weather Version 0.8 or above. (It’s free and has a lot of free widgets). Once you have downloaded it you will have the opportunity to try a lot of new widgets and share with other users of the weather, and much more. It is also possible to get the best premium widgets by recommending application to friends.

The widget is downloaded for free, but you need to install it to make a payment!
We did a free download, as well as payment made not on Google Play, but directly in the application.

We want to improve our app, you have the most accurate, fast and convenient access to the weather.
If you have any comments and suggestions, please email us at support@infolife.mobi.
Your opinion is very important and will be taken into consideration for us. Together we can create a better app to find the weather forecast.
Place the “Like” our page on Facebook (it will be great for us motivatsmey) and share your ideas and comments facebook.com/AmberWeatherAPP

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/VtuW77


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